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Naadi Palm Leaf System

Naadi Palm Leaf System

The Naadi palm leaf system is one of the ancient and mystical sciences of Vedic astrology, by which one’s past, present and future can be predicted, in order to enable the person to identify his/her position in the world and to know in detail about the task he/she has been assigned and to identify the needs of his soul so that he/she can accomplish his work in this lifetime and attain satisfaction.

Some of the Siddhars have recorded on dried and cured palm leaves the destinies of some individuals who needed support for their future development. Those individuals would be guided to start a search at some point in their future life to find the palm leaf written for them. Naadi in Tamil means “seeker”.

It is said that once Lord Shiva and Parvathi were so pleased with the Siddhars and their devotion, that they blessed them with the ability to predict one’s past, present and future in order to help those who needed the Siddhars’ blessings and guidance.

The Siddhars made agreements with many people to help them in a future lifetime when they would need special guidance or assistance. Using the Naadi leaves, the Siddhars wrote out the key problems the person would be facing and what to do to alleviate those problems, and noted the many blessings that might be in store for the person in that lifetime.

The Naadi System has different chapters. They deal with the different aspect’s of a persons life and by reading those chapters one can have details about his or her future life from the moment of it being found.

  1. General chapter with personal identification information (family and age, date of birth, marriage details and profession details) and predictions of the future starting from the time of the reading.
  2.  Money, eyes, family, education and speech.
  3.  Brothers and sisters and relationship between siblings.
  4.  Mother, house, vehicles, land and pleasures.
  5.  Children. and reason for not having a child
  6.  Disease, debts, enemies, court cases and remedial measures.
  7.  Marriage.
  8.  Longevity: accidents or dangers to life, age, place and date of death.
  9.  Father, prosperity, luck, charitable deeds.
  10.  Profession.
  11.  Profits in business and second marriage.
  12.  Foreign visits, expenses,  next birth and attainment of salvation.
  13.  Shanti Pilgrimage: place of previous birth, sins committed, remedial measures in form of temple visits and charitable deeds.
  14. Deeksha: informs on what kind of holy fire ceremony needs to be performed for protection against negative influences and which talisman to be worn for safety.

Separate chapters available in the library

  1. Political chapter with details on one’s political career.
  2. Prachana chapters where one can ask questions and receive specific answers.
  3. Disha Bhukti chapter containing predictions for the current period of life.
  4. Disha Bhukti Shanti with remedies for the negative influences in the current period of life.
  5. Kotchara Shanti chapter with remedial measures for the negative influences of the planets in one’s horoscope.
  6. Gnana chapter.
  7. Maha Shiva Vakkiyam, Koushika, Maha Shiva Thulliya and Maha Shiva Sukshman Naadi with elaborate predictions.
  8. Special Sukshma chapter.
  9. Special Sukshma Deeksha.

Siddhamed has represents the Naadi Jothida Nilayam Palm Leaf Library in Chennai and offers guidance to the seeker to be able to find their personal palm leaf and have it read. The various remedies given to the persons then can be arranged in customised guided pilgrimages.

Sri Durai Subburathinam is Chief Naadi Reader and Owner of the Library since 30 years, now in the 3rd generation.
In an auction,  about 100 years ago Durai‘s forefathers bought all palm leaves pertaining to Agastya Naadi, Kaushika Naadi and the Shiva Vakkiyam.

During the whole process of reading, the energetic presence of the Siddha Agastya through whose grace this has been made possible is invoked in the room. This is considered a blessing in itself. For more Information visit