SIDDHAMED ® Dr. Gitanjali - Switzerland & Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu South India


Free Medical Support 

Medical camps- Siddhamed™ Farm aims to support and organise free Medical camps for the Kolli Hills residents

Organic Farming

Support & Education

revitalise and improve farming methods and practices that have been evaluated over thousands of years

Spiritual Practice 

Find out why did the Siddhars meditated, practice and developed medicine and healing methods in Kolli Hills

Mission & Vision for Siddhamed® Farm

Siddhamed® aims to unearth and bring out the hidden treasures of the Siddhars and promote the Holistic System in all fields for the benefit of all. The objective is to bring about Global Awakening, Awareness and Recognition to introduce, preserve, protect, improve and promote the philosophy, knowledge, science and practices of the System. We intend to Integrate the Vedic concepts for the benefit of mankind thereby leading to Harmony of Mind, Body and Soul.

Free Medical Camp 

Medical camps- Siddhamed® aims to organise free Medical camps in the future in the field of General Medicine, Siddha Medicine, Ophthalmology, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. A team of active service oriented doctors will team up once in 3 months, to provide the necessary basic health checkups and also to educate the natives both physically and mentally to lead a healthy, hygienic and happy life.

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Keeping Organic Traditional Farming alive

We at Siddhamed™ Farm, respect Nature and strive to build an Eco friendly Organic farm and also, be a role model to our neighbours. We also endeavour to promote an organic communal feeling by organising Community programmes for educating, training and supporting farmers and also providing the necessary tools to move forward using renewable sources. We also aim to revive the ancient system, native farming and seeds culture and respect the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for the future. Through our local agricultural farming methods of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs, we wish to ensure a food system that is safe, unadulterated, affordable and accessible, thereby providing good health and nutritional value.


 Siddha Sādhanā

Kolli hills were the preferred place for the Siddhars’ to developing their spiritual and scientific practices and meditation in the caves and forrest.

Even till this day Siddhars, Naths and Aghori come to this empowering place to enhance their meditation and yogic practices.